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Reflexology is a form of treatment where I can with pressure under the feet affect your body's organs, muscles, tissues, senses and meridian pathways etc. I sometimes supplement the treatment with acupressure, which is pressure on a number of strong and effective acupuncture points.

One can choose reflexology to treat various imbalances, and overall one can say that it has a cleansing effect and restores the balance between the body's functions.
When the body tenses, it prevents flow in the tense area.

We all know about tension in the neck and shoulders. At such voltages, for example, there is no free flow in the area and waste substances are blocked.
With Reflexology, these blockages can be loosened via the feet and any future and present problems can be remedied. Reflexology is thus also a great way of preventing health problems.

Reflexology for toddlers

Reflexology for babies and children is both very effective and very gentle. Children often respond quickly to treatment.
Treatment can start early, from birth.
  • Problems with the immune system
  • Stomach problems, colic and constipation
  • Asthma and bronchitis
  • Cold
  • Chronic cold
  • Otitis media
I always set aside plenty of time for each treatment. Partly to create security and peace, but also so that there is time for the baby to get food or be changed.
I would like to come out to you and treat your dear children. The price is DKK 345. per half hour, and is then calculated incl. transport time.
Reflexology is a very good way to prevent genes and disease progression.
The treatment takes place in the clinic in Herlev or in your busy setting.
Duration of treatment approx. 30 min. (Extra time is set aside so that the child can feel pressured).
The first treatment always lasts one hour and it includes advice and guidance so that the parents can take part in the child's treatment in the future.  
Price incl. VAT. 345kr. In the clinic 30 minutes.
price incl. VAT 345kr.  In your home for every half hour started (incl. Transport time).
The first treatment always lasts one hour and costs DKK 800. (incl. transport time).
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