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My story.

My name is Anne and I'm the proud and happy owner of all the love and care that makes the base of Familie Zonen.

I offer natural loving care and a safe comfort for pregnant woman, woman in labor and for the new family. My work is based on a holistic and evidence based foundation with several years experience since 2010.


I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids, and one angle child and with their loving father for 20 years now.


I live in Herlev  (just outside Copenhagen) where I also have my clinic.

I offer:

🖤Lactation consultantcy

🖤Prenatal courses

🖤Postpartum doula service

🖤Trauma therapy through Emotional freedom technique 

🖤Reflexology for pregnancy and induction of labor

🖤Reflexology as fertility treatment

🖤Doula services

🖤Rebozo massage

🖤Holistisk nutritionist with focus on fertility

🖤Holistic nutritionist (Certified)

🖤Placenta encapsulation and tinctur 


I use EFT/TFT (Emotional freedom technique) in a lot of my work and help through that way to let go of and be freed from traumas, anxiety, low self esteem etc.


In 2017 I was educated to be a Doula in Israel. For  me it is births, family and the loving foundation which makes the world turn.

That you as a woman feel strong, ready and in safe hands is so very important for your experience from beginning to the end of the birth.


As a doula I don't leave your side before you feel ready and equipped for your new life whether that being as a first time mum or a mother of many.


 I am an experienced lactation consultant  and I know how lactation can be completely different from child to child.

A woman with 3 children often has 3 different stories and very different experiences from each childs birth and lactation. It is important to remember that while it is the same child breastfeeding a child, it is a different person the woman is carrying, giving birth to and breastfeeding.


As a doula I use, acupressure, essential oils, movement such as rebozo and birth dance etc.

I work in Copenhagen and the suburbs around.

My education.

🖤Auxiliary nurse. Worked at the hospitals around Copenhagen. 


🖤Postpartum education in Israel

🖤lactation consultant

🖤prenatal education in Israel

🖤Cognitive Mentor


🖤Reflexologist specialized in pregnancy and fertility

🖤First level education in Emotional freedom technique. 

🖤Placenta course 

🖤Essential oil course 

🖤Rebozo course

🖤Holistic nutritionist (Certified)


I have a lot of experience with hygiene after many years fulltime work in the hospitals both departure of surgery, medical departments and intensive care department.


I was a permanent employee in the delivery rooms in a hospital in Israel as a doula and saw through my education and work how big a difference it makes to have a doula present at birth and in the postpartum.

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