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Fertility treatment.

Often the body needs a little extra help to get pregnant and to keep the fetus.
It can be incredibly frustrating and having the feeling of being broken is not uncommon when having challenges with fertility.
The feeling of powerlessness in one's own life can grow and fill enormously.  
However, you are not quite as powerless as you might feel.
Dietary advice and changes working together with reflexology treatments can really help both women and men with fertility.
Getting pregnant is not always as easy as first assumed.
Involuntary infertility can be a major burden.
I can help you with your fertility through diet guidance and Reflexology.
Dietary guidance can be the alpha and omega of fertility.
Our PH value largely determines whether we can get pregnant or not.
The PH value of the man's semen (7,2) is alkaline and the woman's vagina has an acidic PH value of 3,5-4,5. During ovulates, the pH value of the vagina changes from acidic to alkaline, which means that the semen naturally can move on and fertilize the egg. However, if the woman's diet and lifestyle is too acid-forming, her vagina cannot get a alkaline PH value during ovulation. The semen can only survive in an environment with a PH value of 6-8,5.
No matter how many IVF treatments, etc. you undergo, it does not change the PH value your vagina has. You have to start by creating an inviting environment first.

Reflexology stimulates your fertility and works well with fertility treatment, both insemination and IVF and of course also if you try it yourself.

Reflexology provides peace at mind and balance in your body. As many women feel stressed when fertility treatments are taking place a reflexology treatment can be a welcoming break and a space to enter to experience tranquility, peace and relaxation.
Several studies show that reflexology benefits the ability and chance of pregnancy in connection to hormonal treatments for fertility treatments.
However, it is extremely important that the reflexologist is trained to treat pregnancy as it can do more harm than good otherwise.  
I am a trained reflexologist with a focus and specialty in fertility and pregnancy.
I often use EFT/TFT therapy as a part of the treatments as this helps a lot on trauma, self-esteem, calm and stress etc.

Reflexology treatment takes place in the clinic in Herlev.

Reflexology treatment duration approx. 60 min

For reflexology only

Price incl. VAT 595kr.

Course with dietary guidance over 90 days including recipes and 6 reflexology treatments.  

Price incl. VAT DKK 5,500kr.

Fertilitetsfremmende forlæb med zoneterapi og kostvejledning hos
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