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Prenatal course

With all my heart and all my experience, I want to give you and your family the best tailor-made birth preparation course, so you get exactly what suits you.

Prenatal course wholeheartedly.

Prenatal courses has unfortunately become something that has gradually been cut away through governmental savings.

It is incredibly important that all pregnant woman and their partners go through a good, broad, deep and thorough prenatal course process.

Unfortunately, I experience again and again that women have not been given the right explanation and information about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, which unfortunately can have quite serious results for the mother and family as a whole.

​It is of upmost importance to me to give mothers and their partners a wonderful, intimate, humorous process, which is tailored to just this pregnancy and birth.

I will advise and go over the wonderful MEYER METHOD, which is a great tool for a birth invented or found by a Danish midwife.

Information is the key to everything. 

I have no prejudgment as to the extent to which the woman should have an epidural or other things, but it is very important that the pregnant woman gets medicine on informed basis.

The course prenatal course is 3 meetings, where each meeting is 2.5 hours approx. i.e. 7.5 hours in total.

We meet in your home, where you feel at home.

The course should preferably be completed before the beginning of week 37. 

Should the birth occur before the course is completed, the amount will not be refunded. However, the money can be renamed postpartum doula care.

3 meetings of 2.5 hours per. time in your private setting.

Price: 3000kr.

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