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Placenta Capsules - Placenta Encapsulation and Tincture

I have received written documentation from the Ministry of the Environment and Food with permission to make placenta capsules.


Placenta capsules are, as the name implies, capsules with your
powdered placenta.


Baby blues, bleeding, iron deficiency, fatigue, poor sleep, thin hair,
muscle weakness, difficult breastfeeding, postpartum reaction etc. is
all of which you can often expect after a child birth.

What can the placenta capsules benefit with?


  • Minor bleeding.

  • Increases contractions of the uterus.

  • Higher iron level soon after birth.

  • Lowers the risk of postpartum reaction / depression.

  • Better breastfeeding and milk production.

  • increased profits and strength.

  • No baby blues.

  • Fewer hormonal fluctuations. 

  • Less "breastfeeding brain" more sharp in mind.

Two births are never the same and the same applies to the postpartum.
Postpartum reaction doesn't have anything to do with with whether you are a strong person or not.

The sudden fall and
change of hormones after childbirth may be enough to put you out of 


By consuming your own powdered placenta, you get yours
own hormones back little by little via the placenta capsules.

Postpartum bleeding is reduced and you will therefore not experience a straight
such large blood loss after birth when taking the placenta capsules.

In the placenta there is Oxytocin, which is also called the love hormone.

When we breastfeed our children we are
close to them and have eye contact, and to make matters better our
breast milk is filled with this lovely love hormone which provides
joy and the feeling of being loved. When consuming the placenta,
you also get oxytocin and it also gives joy and love here both in mother and child.

It is known from several studies that mothers who have postpartum depression
or when a mother does not fall in love with her child that these mothers have 
low Oxytocin content in the blood. It has nothing to do with finances,
education, status or strength. It's pure chemistry and
it can happen to anyone, even if previous births and postpartum has gone well.

If / when we think about consuming our own placenta, many will
perhaps first feel disgust as our culture in recent generations has
moved very far away from both the alternative and the old
original customs.

You do not have to go further than to Germany before you find
a very different relationship to the placenta than in Denmark. In Germany
it is quite normal to take the placenta home with you from 
the hospital and either use it, or bury it in the garden and
plants a tree for the baby where the placenta is buried.

In Denmark, we have become aware of the opportunities that exist
in the umbilical cord, where we can take stem cells from, for later use
restoration of tissues, organs, nerve cells and more.

Our child is created and developed into a whole human being from receiving everything it needed through placenta and umbilical cord.
The placenta has been full of the hormones (estrogen, progesterone,
oxytocin), vitamins, minerals and more. It has in perfect

quantities helped to create a perfect human being.

Stem cells can specialize. They are able to develop cells, which by division can become other specialized cells.
This way they contribute to building new blood cells, muscle cells,
nerve cells or bone cells.

Stem cells are able to renew itself through replication. They can divide and make a copy
with the same properties.

Stem cells are universal cells. They have
not yet evolved into cell types with specific function.

When one thinks of these qualities, it is not hard to imagine
and understand that the placenta is full of possibilities. Iron depots,
hormones, minerals and much much more make up our placenta.

When we give birth to our children, it's difficult to understand that this little wonder
has been created in our body. The same goes for ours
placenta. Our body has also created this wonderful part, which
has made it all possible. However, our modern culture has taught us that
it is disgusting and must be thrown away as waste.


In Hawaii it is
punishable by the hospital if they throw out the placenta. It Must
home with the new parents to make sure the hospital does not use
the placenta for medical purposes. Here, too, it is seen that it is cultural

Placenta is used to this day in make up, hair care products and in
a sea of medicine.

AIDS, Cancer, Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Blood Clots,
baldness and other skin diseases are treated with medications that
contains placenta.

Today, placentas from cows and sheep are used
instead of placentas from women as taken into account
the rights to the placenta.

Placenta is used in medicine to treat menopause
hot flashes, mood swings etc.

In the United States, researchers have proven that placenta removes wrinkles and

stimulates tissue regeneration and is therefore perfect in cosmetics,
creams, face masks etc. where it is used.

We know so incredibly much about the power of the placenta and it is used in it
medical and cosmetic world daily.
It has been proven time and time again that placentas are beneficial to many
ways when we ingest or apply it in one way or another.
Is it so, so strange that a woman will greatly benefit from consuming
his own placenta after his birth ???

Very little research has been done on whether it is beneficial for a woman to ingest her own placenta, and there are many who believe that it is not beneficial because it is not directly proven. That something is not clinically proven, however, is not the same as that it is not true.

Women who have adopted a child and have ingested placenta as
capsules, raw, etc. have subsequently been able to breastfeed their adoptees
child. The placenta capsules, or placenta in general, can
help a lot with breastfeeding.

The placenta MUST be refrigerated from birth until it is brought to birth
me. It must be in my hand within 62 hours. The faster you

Subsequently, you pick up the capsules from me and take 1 more
3 capsules up to 3 times a day for the first little week.

After the first week, take the capsules as needed.

I recommend you keep in touch with me by phone so I can guide you the first week and as needed.


The capsules should be kept refrigerated
or in the freezer for longer shelf life.
The capsules must not be taken in case of infection or fever.
You are always welcome to call and get guidance.


Depending on the weight and size of your placenta, it usually yields between 100 -150 capsules.

If you want to make a tincture, however, there will be slightly fewer capsules. 

You will need tincture for many years, as you only take 7-10 drops when needed. For example, during menstruation, or other hormonal imbalances in life or stressful periods etc.


Placenta capsules are not made if:

  • Mom has smoked during pregnancy.

  • Mom has been taking narcotics during pregnancy.

  • If mother has had an infection during childbirth.

the capsules are of vegan gelatin.

The whole process of placenta encapsulation lasts approx. 2 full days.
The capsules should always be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.


Price: 1995kr. (in the case of twin births with two placentas, only it is paid 

Despite a long tradition of using a placenta intake, the information on this page has not been reviewed and evaluated by the Ministry of Health. This service offered here is not medical, clinical or  pharmacologically proven and no diagnostic diagnosis is made nor diseases are treated with this service. Families who wish to make use of this service take full responsibility for the use of the product, as this is taken on their own.

My experience and knowledge:

I have extensive experience with hygiene through several years of full-time work at the capital's hospitals, both in the surgical, medical and intensive care units.

I originally gained my knowledge of fashion cookie capsules and making these through the amazing Ira Karen-Monk in Israel.

I have read and researched endlessly about the whole world and the possibilities that are and come from the placenta. Among other things, I have read the incredibly rewarding book: Placenta: The gift of life. Written by the German midwife Cornelia Enning who has done an enormous amount of work in gathering facts from pharmaceutical companies and research here from all over the world.

I am a trained doula, and have seen many women go through the difficult challenges that can come in the postpartum period.

I have on my own body felt the amazing strength that comes with ingesting the placenta capsules.

I am a trained SOSU Assistant and have worked in medical and surgical hospital wards as well as in the intensive care unit.

I have worked in the delivery room as a Doula in Israel, where placenta capsules are common in many circles.

"I took placenta capsules after our baby # 3. This is something I would really recommend to ALL women giving birth. 

I have to admit I had quite a hard time taking the first 3 capsules. I really felt disgust and disgust. Yes in fact it was a pretty difficult decision to make at all, to get the capsules made. I had so many thoughts. From where it is clammy to not where it will be embarrassing to say that I have to take my placenta home. I was so worried about what the midwife would say and think. I even thought about, and it was better to say it first just after I had given birth to the placenta and not before, because what if she would think something bad about me, and therefore treat me as giving birth differently. It was, of course, done completely to shame. She could not have been more indifferent to what it was to be used for and she was completely free from prejudice.

I had talked to my mother about it before the birth and she surprised me wildly very much actually. I was sure she would shake her head and say / think that this was another crazy invention on my part. Instead, she said: yes, we also eat pork rind, liver pate, medister sausage and much more, which is skin, liver and intestines from dead animals.
It helped me a bit and I decided to get the capsules made. Then I could decide afterwards whether I could make myself swallow them.
As I said, the first 3 were a bit difficult, mentally. I just knew that if I did not get the placenta on capsules, but instead got it thrown out in the hospital, then there was no right of withdrawal. 

I had a tupperware-like box with which the placenta came in and my husband drove out with it the next day so that capsules could be made of it, (honestly I felt that it was quite embarrassing that he should leave with it, it felt VERY intimate that he left with my placenta). 
I got the capsules 4 days after the birth and I was just about not being able to hold back the tears that day. Hormones, tense breasts, poor sleep and in-laws helped to provide  me a sea of bad feelings, so when I got the capsules I called Anne and asked what I should do now. I explained how I was feeling and Anne guided me to the number of capsules I should take the next three days, with the message that I should just call at least. I had 3 capsules taken that day and already after the first capsule it took a few hours before I felt upstairs again. 

For me, the capsules became a door to an amazing feeling and an incredible surplus. I slept well and deeply, breastfeeding was easy like my thoughts. I had only slight positive thoughts. When there was trouble at home, I discovered, EVERY TIME that I had forgotten to take the capsules. Then the ups and downs of the hormones got free running again and I got out of balance. It was such that my husband, through discussions, began to say: did you remember to take your capsules?  And then the answer was always ... uhhhhh no. 

My blood tests showed that my iron depots, etc. increased rapidly and everyone told me that it was absolutely incredible to see how I did not look at all like I had just had a child, and that was also how I felt. The capsules lasted approx. 3 1/2 months and it has seriously been the best gift I have given myself.
Yes and the best gift for my family, for that matter, for I could be the surplus mother of my two other children, and be boyfriend-like with my husband.
I was not quite sure if I would be able to manage to have 4 children because I have felt so tired and exhausted after the first 2 children, but after the third child and these capsules, I have no doubt at all that it does not would be a problem and that we should have our fourth and last child.
Thanks to Anne.
     Anonymous 2019.

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