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fødsels igangsættende zoneterapi og rebozo massage hos har fødselshjælp, rebozo massage, zoneterapi og fertilitetsbehandling til barnløse.

Reflexology for pregnant women and induction birth naturally.

Reflexology is a kind of treatment where I with pressure under the feet can affect your body's organs, muscles, hormonal system, tissues, senses and meridian pathways etc. I sometimes supplement the treatment with acupressure, which is pressure on a number of strong and effective acupuncture points.
(For naturally induced birth see below)

Reflexology is a great way to help the body relax during pregnancy, relieve pregnancy discomfort like constipation, heartburn, pelvic and back pain, difficulty sleeping and much much more.

It is VERY important that the reflexologist is specialize in treating during pregnancy, as otherwise more harm can be done than good and in the worst case start a premature birth.

You can use reflexology to treat various imbalances, and overall you can say that it has a cleansing effect and restores the balance between the body's functions.
When the body is tensed, it prevents flow in the tensed area.

We all know about tension in the neck and shoulders. During such tension, for example, there is no free blood flow in the area and waste products are left in the tissue as blockages.
With reflexology, these blockages can be loosened via the feet and meaning that future and present problems can be remedied. Reflexology is therefor also a great way of preventing health problems.

Reflexology treatment takes place in the clinic in Herlev. 

Duration of reflexology treatment: approx. 60 min

price 595kr. incl. VAT for pregnant women.

Inducing birth naturally with reflexology from week 37- 42+

If you are facing inducing of childbirth medically, within the next few days or hours, it is a really good idea to get induced by reflexology first.
That way, it's your own natural hormones that set your birth in motion instead of chemically produced medications which often cause very painful labor pains, but which often do not cause any progression of the birth, which can then lead to a cesarean section.

There is so much we can do to naturally induce your body for birth. This way your body can be in command itself.
Most often, I will use tissue-promoting essential oils that help the uterus start contractions, as well as oils that help in the opening process.
I will also use rebozo massage, reflexology and acupressure on the rest of the body to help your body get started on the process of giving birth naturally.
For me, it is the alpha and omega that you and your body gets the chance to get off to a good start.
That ALWAYS gives a better birth.

The treatment takes place either in the clinic in Herlev, in your home, if the distance allows it, or at the hospital.
In the clinic 60 minutes. price incl. VAT 595kr.

In your home per 1/2 hour price incl. VAT 595kr. (incl transport time)

At the hospital per 1/2 hour price incl. VAT 595kr. (incl transport time)
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